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What Makes Animated Movies So Special?

When it comes to movie productions, animated movies have the ability to leave a unique impression that their live action counterparts often don’t. Animation is cinema magic at its finest.

Suspension of Disbelief

Many scenes and actions that are difficult or impossible to film with live actors can be animated. Exaggerated expressions, distorted imagery and vivid depictions are possible under this medium. Any visual imaginable can be produced under this medium.
The average viewer doesn’t question the depictions they see. The audience suspends their disbelief and accept the visuals, no matter how outlandish.
The studio could portray a cartoon genie contorting in impossible motions, constantly changing its physical appearance. They could show a man dancing on the moon without wearing astronaut gear. While these things would be implausible under a live action scenario, the animated medium plays with the boundaries of rationale and normalcy.
This assertion is not to suggest that the animated medium isn’t capable of portraying a serious, grounded story. Many animated movies do go out of their way to portray a slice-of-life setting.

Setting, Mood and Story

Animated films, through visuals and art cinematography are able to create a mood that sets the tone for the story they are portraying to their audience. Whether the setting takes place in a fantasy land or a world mimicking our own, the film can immerse the audience into its creation.
It is a fallacy to assume that because a film is animated it is exclusively for kids. The opposite idea holds true. People of all ages, including adults, sit down and enjoy watching an animated production. There are a large variety of animated movies that are specifically catered to more mature audiences rather than the younger ones.
Animation is not a genre, but a vehicle to be used for storytelling. Due to making the impossible to film in live action an achievable feat, this gives the creator the ability to tell the story they want to tell with no compromise to their creative vision. There is no fretting about getting an actor to get the body language right. What they can draw is what they can show.
The imagery itself can often tell a complex story without words being spoken. An audience follows what the artist depicts.


When computer generated effects are used in live actions movies, they often run the risk of being jarring to the viewer. In many instances, these effects can appear out of place.
Animated movies do not suffer this disadvantage. Provided the artist is consistent, nothing looks out of place in the visuals. The artwork and drawings are cohesive and work together with each other.


In summary, the audience is eased into suspending their disbelief to accept the visuals given to them. The impossible is made possible with the imagination of the artist. They can depict a fantasy universe or a pseudo version of our world.
Animation tells a story. The story it depicts can be one catered for all audiences; it could be a tale for only adults. At the end of the day, there exists a cohesive magic in the animated medium that live action has yet to replicate.

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